ICS/SCADA Security

SCADAShield - OT Security, Visibility and Continuity for ICS/SCADA Networks

Digital Resilience SCADSAShield is the world-leading OT security platform, chosen by critical infrastructure organisations to protect ICS/SCADA networks, electric grids, transportation networks, manufacturing lines, smart buildings and data centres. SCADAShield provides unprecedented OT asset discovery and visibility, detects known OT threats, unknown OT threats and anomalies, as well as deviations from operational restrictions, by using seven-layer deep packets inspection (DPI)

Real-Time Asset Discovery and Visibility

A real-time, up to date visual mapping of your entire network, including IP and non-IP devices (Filedbus,serial).

Detect Operational Risks

Reduce downtime by enforcing operational policies and detecting violations, malfuctions and misconfigurations.

Detect Known and Unknown Threats

Detect both known vulnerability exploits (CVEs) and undocumented "zero-day" attacks.


Comply with industry regulations including NERC CIP, NIST 800-82 and ISA/IEC 62443.

OT Security - Industrial-Grade Quality & Reliability

Trusted Industrial Partner

Digital Resilience delivers trusted and reliable solutions that meet the most demanding industry and compliance standards. Our ICS security solutions are deployed in energy, utility, transportation, manufacturing and critical national assets worldwide.

Support for Multiple Vendors and Protocols

Granular, 7-layer deep-packet inspection (DPI) for all major open OT protocols and proprietary ICS vendor protocols, both IP and serial, as well as industrial, IT protocols, to reveal machine-to-machine, remote maintenance and IT to OT attacks faster and more effectively than conventional solutions.

IT/OT/IoT Security

From Student to Black Energy - most OT attacks start at the IT network. SCADASheild integrates with Digital Resilience's IT detection and response portfolio to detect and respond to IT/OT attacks before they reach critical systems. This integrated security platform was the first to be implemented live in a smart building project.

Fast to Deploy. Easy to Operate.

SCADAShield is deployed in hours by connecting its monitoring device to a SPAN/mirroring port in a network switch. Monitoring is passive and easily installed out-of-band, non-intrusively. The System is designed for rapid, low-impact setup and operation, easily integrating with the organisational SIEM if required.