A world leading Cyber Simulation Platform

A Complete Simulation Management System

The world leading cyber range. Digital Resilience Range is a training and simulation platform enabling organisations to establish and manage hyper-realistic training centres proven to boost information security team performance.

Service Providers and MSSPs

Reduced MTTR (Mean Time TO Respond) by up to 90% and free your analysts to recapture high-priority incidents by automating manual tasks like collecting threat intelligence, sending emails, and more.

Public Sector

Empower tier-1 analysts by centralizing IR management, automating manual tasks and simplifying investigations. Reduce escalations by 50% to allow tier-2 and 3 analysts to focus on critial incidents.

Higher Education

SOC 3D is a big-data platform providing visibility into all raw data, so your analysts can get any question answered, fast, and create any investigation dashboard they need, in real-time.


Focus your incident response team on business-critical alerts with automated prioritization by business impact, ensuring that high-priority threats are managed first-always.

An Extensive and Versatile Platform for Security Training and Simulation

Hyper-Realistic Simulation Technology

Digital Resilience Range simulates a real-world SOC including a virtual corporate network and leveraging commercial security products. It accurately simulates attack scenarios to provide an immersive experience that prepares trainees to react to attacks effectively.

A Complete Training and Learning System

Digital Resilience Range provides a rich catalog of training scenarios including incident response, pentesting, OT security, and individual skill building. Instructors can set up and run a session in minutes with comprehensive tools that include debriefing, session recording, trainee ranking, and scenario management.

Build Your Own Environment With Pro Tools

Design your own network and create custom training scenarios with advanced, drag and drop customization tools enabling you to tailor the range to your specific needs.

The World's Most Widely Used Cyber Range

Numerous service providers, enterprises, universities, and governments use Digital Resilience Range to train thousands of cybersecurity professionals and students every year in simulated attack scenarios.