Security Automated and Orchestration

SOC 3D: Automate. Orchestrate. Investigate.

SOC 3D is the first security Automation and Orchestration (SOAR) platform combining automation, orchestration, and big-data powered investigation into a single and comprehensive incident response platform that triples SOC efficiency, provices unprecedented visibility and reduces time-to-respond by 90%.

Service Providers and MSSPs

Reduced MTTR(Mean Time TO Respond) by up to 90% and free your analysts to recapture high-priority incidents by automating manual tasks like collecting threat intelligence, sending emails, and more.

Public Sector

Empower tier-1 analysts by centralizing IR management, automating manual tasks and simplyfying investigations. Reduce escalations by 50% to allow tier-2 and 3 analysts to focus on critial incidentsS.

Higher Education

SOC 3D is a big-data platform providing visiability into all raw data, so your analysts can get any question answered, fast, and create any investigation dashboard they need, in real-time.


Focus your incident response team on business-critical alerts with automated prioritization by business impact, ensuring that high-priority threats are managed first-always.

A Single Pane Of Glass For SOC AUtomation, Orchestration And Big-Data Investigation

Your SOC Hub

Easily integrate alert feeds, data enrichment sources and response tools to manage all SOC systems in a single pane of glass and reduce analyst learning curve. SOC 3D provides generic APIs that include scripts, REST and web services.

Measure - Beyond KPIs

With the SOC 3D big-data platform, you can measure SecOps and people, beyond plain KPIs. Tailor your metrics dashboards to identify bottlenecks in SIEM rules, playbooks, staff performance, and more - to continuously improve SOC efficiency.

Out-Of-The-Box Playbooks And Dashboards

Dozens of expert-designed, NIST-aligned playbooks, ensure that incidents of any type are managed flawlessly, regardless of analyst level or experience. Preset and custom investigation dashboards present your tier-2 and 3 analysts with the right data at the right moment, to accelerate investigations and provide broader insights.

Designed With MSSPs In Mind

SOC 3D enables MSSPs to improve the efficiency, quality and profitability of managed IR, SIEM, and SOC services. Manage up to 3X more customers with your existing headcount, increase margins, support compliance & reporting, and improve quality of service, with features that include multi-tenancy, MSSP dashboards and SLA reports. Contact us to join our MSSP program.