Endpoint Detection and Response

The only EDR platform fully functional in air-gapped environments

Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) detects advanced, unknown and evasive threats without relying on external sources or connectivity. As a result, it is the only EDR that can be deployed in isolated (air-gapped) environments with no impact on detection.

Accelerate Response

Reduced MTTR (Mean Time to Respond) by up to 90% and free your analysts to recapture high-priority incidents by automating manual tasks like collecting threat intelligence, sending emails, and more.

Public Sector

Empower tier-1 analysts by centralising IR management, automating manual tasks and simplifying investigations. Reduce escalations by 50% to allow tier-2 and 3 analysts to focus on critical incidents.

Higher Education

SOC 3D is a big-data platform providing visiability into all raw data, so your analysts can get any question answered, fast, and create any investigation dashboard they need, in real-time.


Focus your incident response team on business-critical alerts with automated prioritization by business impact, ensuring that high-priority threats are managed first-always.

Endpoint Security for Sensitive Organizations

Pure Behavioral Detection Beyond IoCs

The most sophisticated threats, attacking large organizations and nations, are not only signature-less but IoC-less. Digital Resilience EDR was designed to protect these organizations and uses pure-behavioral detection which surfaces these threats regardless of indicators of compromise (IoCs).

Automate the Threat Hunt

Analysts are often limited to fragments of an attack story and are forced to seek traces of attacks hidden in data. Digital Resilience’s EDR platform assists analysts by automating much of the hunting process, often saving up to weeks of investigation.

Out-Of-The-Box Response and Prevention

Digital Resilience EDR enables analysts to easily and rapidly execute endpoint specific or network-wide response measures related to memory, file, registry, processes, and network, from a central location.

Open And Customizable

Digital Resilience provides SDKs for you to add custom analyses, REST APIs to visualize your data in any web interface, and APIs for importing and exporting data to your 3rd party tool of choice.