About Us

Offering companies an integrated cyber resilient approach to protecting their digital environment, Digital Resilience founded in 2018 is a proud member of Digital Solutions Group (DSG) Strategically aligned to globally renowned, best in class IT, Network and Behavioural Cybersecurity partners enabling our clients to respond to modern cyber warfare Digital Resilience makes use of SaaS-based and fully managed services including cybersecurity, threat detection, managed security operations, education, awareness, simulated training, and risk assessment.

Digital Resilience offers a comprehensive suite of cyber resilience solutions that ensure business continuity in the face of adverse cyber threats.

By equipping large enterprises, SMME’s and remote office networks with Cybersecurity efficiencies that anticipate and adjust to changes in cyber risk profiles and adhering to regulatory requirements our digital resilience solutions drive a continuous circuit of cyber defence, custom fit to address client-specific cybersecurity and digital resilience requirements.

From MICRO cyber risks posed by end-point-users, individuals, or customers to MESO threats faced by groups or organizations and MACRO cybersecurity vulnerabilities at an inter-organizational level, using a systematic, risk-based assessment of an organization’s technical, operational, and behavioural vulnerabilities, the Digital Resilience risk management approach ensures the implementation of prioritised cyber resilience solutions.

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