When it comes to securing your enterprise endpoints, how confident are you in your detection-based ‘NEXT-GEN’ and LEGACY ANTIVIRUS” in locking down unknown files?

Because detection-based solutions will never detect 100% of what is malicious, or 100% known to be good, while not all unknown files prove to be malicious, your cyber security solution must be able to detect these differences to prevent breaches, assure productivity and secure business continuity.

With proven success in preventing cybersecurity breaches, Comodo Cloud-Native Cybersecurity with Patented Auto-Containment™ technology stops cyber threats and adversaries, defeats zero-day attacks and with no impact on the end-user experience.

Reduces costs by providing a single pane of glass through which you can manage all your clients’ devices. Admins can easily act on issues, identify current risk, and push network-wide changes through a unified management platform: 

Device Management and Inventory Oversee all client devices from a single console, including desktops, laptops, servers and mobile devices. Perform remote provisioning, configuration and control of Android, MacOS and Windows platforms. Create and assign fully customizable endpoint profiles to your managed devices. 

Remote Monitoring and Management Operate more efficiently with remote management, monitoring and support of all client devices - including those outside local markets. RMM allows you to review performance data, execute remote patching, and remotely configure servers, desktops and mobile devices. 

Patch Management Gain granular control over the deployment of updates to operating systems and 3rd party applications on managed endpoints. Featuring a centralized patch repository, the patch manager handles a core task of any MSP by automatically updating endpoints so they are secure against the latest vulnerabilities.

Comodo Advanced Endpoint Protection with patent-pending Auto Containment has engineered the industry’s first Default-Deny endpoint protection solution, which is practical and feasible for the enterprise to deploy. We call this “Default-Deny Security, with Default-Allow style usability.”

Using a combination of process virtualization, whitelisting, machine learning, behaviour analysis, and advanced static and dynamic threat cloud analysis, Comodo Cloud-Native Cybersecurity delivers a 100% trusted verdict for unknown files and processes. Authenticating every executable and process that requests runtime privileges, if not 100% known-good or known-bad, is deemed unknown, and launches the request inside a secure, virtual containment environment that does not allow access to system resources or user data.

Automatic Threat Containment - Prevents local and network malware outbreaks by detecting and automatically containing unknown files in an isolated environment separate from the underlying operating system and user data.

Complete Awareness and Control - When paired with Comodo Endpoint Security’s management console, Comodo containment solution gives administrators panoramic visibility and control over incidents across all local and remote networks.

Hardware Agnostic - Comodo’s containment solution is not dependent on a company exclusively using certain processor types in their endpoints.

Application Containment - Administrators can elect to run popular but frequently targeted applications inside our secure virtual container with no loss of usability. Examples include browsers, mail clients, Java and popular productivity suites such as MS Office.

Interoperability - Comodo containment technology runs without conflict with any existing security or productivity solutions that may already be installed on a network. Users are free to use their systems as they wish under complete protection without interruption.

Battle-Tested in the Real World - Comodo’s containment technology is borne out of over 10 years’ experience perfecting a holistic security system that is currently being used by over 85 million real-world users.

Whole Host Protection - All processes running inside or outside the container are subject to strict behaviour monitoring to identify anomalous and malicious activity patterns.

Resource Friendly and Ready to go - Intelligent containment and real-time identification of unknown processes anywhere on the host make Comodo the only solution to offer complete protection without the need for additional hardware investments.

Integrated Threat Intelligence - Administrators have the option to upload suspicious files or potential false positives to Comodo's Valkyrie malware labs for additional analysis and verification.

Reduce IT Overheads - With Comodo’s Dragon Platform threat prevention solution,administrators no longer need to devote excessive staff time to the investigation and remediation of malware outbreaks.

In a world where cyber-attacks are inevitable, Comodo Cybersecurity provides active breach protection with its cloud delivered, Zero Trust platform.

"Isn’t it time to shift from reactive to proactive cybersecurity that protects your business - from network to web to cloud - with confidence and efficacy?"


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