True IO specialises in digital trust solutions for humans, assets, and IoT devices, leveraging tokenisation to enhance security, portability, and provenance across various sectors. Their main innovation, the Universal Communication Identifier (UCID™), is a blockchain-enabled, unique ID that can be applied to any digital asset or network-connected device.

This system allows for efficient tracking and monitoring of assets across multiple networks, from IoT devices to digital lines of code. True IO also plans to introduce Digital Names, transforming complex public wallet keys into simple, human-readable names to reduce losses from human error. Additionally, they are preparing to launch, a platform that integrates digital and physical realms in the NFT marketplace, aiming to provide viable economic strategies for creatives and institutions.

Key benefits of True IO include:

Enhanced Digital Trust: Provides a secure framework for verifying transactions and tracking asset provenance.
Innovative UCID Technology: Facilitates real-time tracking and alerts for assets across diverse networks.
User-Friendly Digital Names: Simplifies complex wallet keys to prevent errors in digital asset transactions.
Future-Ready NFT Platform: Plans to merge digital and physical assets through a curated NFT marketplace.
Research and Development Focus: Continuously explores new applications and partnerships to enhance data privacy and system integration.


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