Black Kite is a cyber risk intelligence platform that offers a comprehensive view of cybersecurity posture from a hacker's perspective. It enables businesses to quantify and monitor cyber risk across numerous third parties non-invasively, providing insights from technical, financial, and compliance viewpoints.

This holistic approach helps in managing vendor risk effectively. Black Kite utilises the MITRE frameworks for technical data analysis, the Open FAIR™ model for quantifying financial risk, and automated compliance mapping tools to enhance the understanding and management of third-party risks.

Additionally, its unique Ransomware Susceptibility Index® predicts the likelihood of ransomware attacks, helping companies prevent data loss and business interruptions.Key benefits of Black Kite include:

Comprehensive Risk Assessment: Offers a 360° view of cyber risk, integrating technical, financial, and compliance data to eliminate false positives and provide a complete risk profile.

Actionable Intelligence: Transforms complex technical data into easy-to-understand, actionable insights with industry-standard frameworks, supporting better communication with senior stakeholders.

Advanced Compliance Tools: Utilizes automated technology to quickly align with global compliance standards, reducing the time and effort needed for compliance checks.

Proactive Ransomware Protection: Features a tool to assess and mitigate the risk of ransomware attacks based on specific business characteristics.

Scalability and Transparency: Maintains the largest data lake in its field, offering insights into millions of companies and ensuring transparent, standards-based evaluations.


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