Build Digital Resilience across
your Business Ecosystem.

Could your organisation continue to operate its critical business during a data breach or cyber attack?

The rapid evolution of the Cyberthreat landscape has left many organisations with areas of vulnerability in their security architecture. As more devices connect to the internet, and cyber criminals continue to find new, sophisticated ways to override traditional security measures, it isn't a case of if a network will be breached, but when.

Cyber resilience is a gauge of how well-equipped an organisation is to continue operating its core business during a cyber crisis. Build Digital Resilience across your company's business processes to find the breach as soon as possible and return to normal operations as fast as possible. If it's valuable to your organisation and happening on your systems, it needs to be protected.

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Why Digital Resilience ?

A cyber incident is a detected security event that has been classified as an incident . As cyber attacks increase in sophistication and complexity, so too must organisations employ increasingly complex security solutions to defend their networks.

Cyber resilience is a measure of how well a government or company can continue to operate its core processes during a cyber attack, and how quickly operations can return to normal. A proactive, resilience strategy across the entire digital ecosystem in an organisation enables better defence against attacks, enhances the ability to recover from attacks, and minimises the severity and cost of network breaches.

Digital Resilience is a proud member of award-winning Digital Solutions Group (DSG). Founded in 1998, DSG specialises in integrated digital mobile customer experience technology and strategies in Southern Africa. DSG works with some of the region’s top companies and most loved consumer brands. DSG also has exclusive rights for Africa for some of the world’s top mobile marketing and publishing technology.

The newest addition to DSG, Digital Resilience offers African governments and companies an integrated cyber resilience solution, tailor-made for Africa’s emerging digital transformation environment.

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