Digital Resilience Solutions


BEAUCERON SECURITY helps organisations execute behavioural cybersecurity and awareness programs that empower individuals to make better decisions and reduce their cyber risk. By combining impactful automation, customisable cybersecurity awareness programmes, Phishing simulations, risk scoring and computer-based training and surveillance, BEAUCERON SECURITY aims to reduce human error factors by driving positive change in individual cybersecurity behaviour


From Linux and Windows cyber skill training labs to the world’s largest library of full-scale real-world, simulated attacks CYBERBIT provides the richest selection of performance assessment-based exercises that cover the entire cybersecurity training spectrum. The only zero-to hero cyber range skilling platform that allows your team to learn, apply, and practice the skills they need to be fully prepared, the CYBERBIT range offers the most effective and engaging way to rapidly develop cybersecurity technical skills.


CYDEF provides a Managed Detection and Response (MDR) suite to a range of business scenarios, from small to medium and Enterprise sized architecture. Utilising supervised artificial intelligence, our team identifies and contains threats to your business; from policy violations to malware attacks, including ransomware.

WMC | Global

Protecting your customer from themselves, WMC Global offers Worldwide Brand and Customer Protection at Scale with solutions that encompass all market verticals and digital service sectors that fall prey to online security and phishing scams. Offering a complete consumer protection suite, from Brand Protection to Threat Detection, Compliance Assurance, Threat Intelligence, Threat Takedown, Phishing Intelligence, and market compliance to name just a few, WMC Global is a market leader in digital threat intelligence, fighting text messaging spam, eradicating phishing attacks, keeping cybercriminals from targeting brands and monitoring consumer experiences for industry compliance.


Effortless Password security from anywhere, LogMeIn LastPass is a central online password manager that connects employees to their work while maintaining complete visibility and control over user access, no matter where your team is working. From Single sign-on (SSO) and Enforce Multi-factor Authentication (MFA) that adds a layer of login security to Secure Password Sharing LastPass secures every password-protected entry point to your business.


A world leader in digital platform security, Trusted Home is a Wi-Fi management and security solution for broadband service providers. Making use of an intuitive self-care app and service portal that puts subscribers in control of their Wi-Fi internet, connectivity, and family browsing, while transforming ISP support teams into connectivity and cybersecurity experts, boosting customer loyalty and satisfaction, decreases service costs, and lowers customer churn.


With proven success in preventing cybersecurity breaches, Comodo Cloud-Native Cybersecurity with Patented Auto-Containment™ technology stops cyber threats and adversaries, defeating zero-day attacks with no impact on the end-user experience.