CYDEF provides managed detection and response, endpoint detection and response, managed anti-malware, and professional cyber services to a range of business scenarios. Utilising supervised artificial intelligence, our team identifies and contains threats to your business; from policy violations to malware attacks, including ransomware.

While many businesses consider the ability to defend their data from malicious cybercriminals a luxury, 60 percent of businesses that uncover a cyber threat have no choice but to suspend their operations. Ensuring business continuity in the face of a cybersecurity breach, now more than ever, data security is a necessity to evolution and your business survival.

Offering cyber monitoring, detection, and protection at a price point that any business can afford, your sentinel inside…

CYDEF Managed Cybersecurity Solutions includes;

  • FULLY MANAGED THREAT DETECTION - A team of cybersecurity analysts manage your system at all times.

  • TOTAL COST OF OWNERSHIP – Access to the technology, processes, and people required for sustainable cyber protection.

  • RESPONSIVE REMEDIATION – Incident investigation that quickly responds to threats and secures business operations.

  • 24/7 PROACTIVE MONITORING – Identify threats using machine learning, advanced monitoring, and human-led analysis..

  • REPORTS YOU CAN USE – Get the information you need to understand your current situation and how to improve.

  • PREDICTIVE INTELLIGENCE – Evolving threat detection with a Machine Learning Platform that gets smarter the more it is used.

  • For VERIFIABLE SECURITY that provides visibility into all endpoint activity, MANAGED SECURITY OPERATIONS with access to an expert security team for answers to your questions, and AFFORDABLE solutions that offer comprehensive technology, processes, and people required for sustainable cyber protection…